Deliver true digital productivity

  • Enhance collaboration and business intelligence
  • Practical approach in systems integration
  • No additional IT or onsite software investments required

Cloud Workflow Solutions

Not all digital workflows are efficient. Manual digital process can still be prone to human errors because of various “moving parts” and alternative touchpoints.

Here at Ricoh Philippines, we aim to assist businesses and organizations reduce the burden of manual data entry and manual file routing. Accomplish optimal productivity with intelligent, repeatable and reliable automation solutions.

Our Approach To Workflow Streamlining

Businesses may be complex in nature but your digital work ecosystem need not be. We are your partner all the way, helping you plan, deploy and maintain world-class content and digital workflow automation. Throughout our engagement, we provide full project service and change management assistance until the full implementation of your has been completed. With tailored-fit services based on actual necessities of your employees, expect a boost in productivity and gain extra space for the rest of your operations.



  1. We understand the business direction as opposed to current activities and motivations
    Together, we will learn your business objectives and identify barriers to content and workflow. Then develop a custom solution incorporating new technologies to keep your team connected. 
  2. We recommend the right solution for your business
    We will help build a delivery framework that complements your business environment. To streamline adoption and user experience, training and change management are included in our services.
  3. We work with you and build a partnership based on trust
    Be in with new technology and be assured your tools are ready to change with the future. Our managed services provides both onsite and remotesuport to proactively manage your tech environment.

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Industry Specific Solutions

  • Logistics
    Ricoh Solutions, helps logistics companies avoid the bottlenecks that cause delays in deliveries and shipments, by providing centralized system for all essential documents and improve workflows to support various shipment stages.
  • BPO
    BPO companies has vast volume of employees to meet client demands, it comes with numerous amounts of paperwork which must be organized, filed, secured and kept up to date. These long way prroces has Made Simple with Ricoh Solutions.
  • Manufacturing
    With Ricoh solution, manufacturers of everything from metal fabrication and machine parts to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals get a cost-effective, sustainable solution with automated workflow that streamlines production and administrative processes.
  • Finance
    Modern business has introduced new opportunities — and new pressure — on finance departments. Let Ricoh help you find time, leverage talent, and share information in the most efficient, productive way possible.
  • Healthcare
    Nothing could be more critical today than an efficient healthcare system. Ricoh Healthcare solutions will help to protect your important documents  and will ensure that the organization will run as seamlessly as possible.
  • Commercial and Print Graphics
    Communicate to your customers fast and deliver variable short-run print materials efficiently.