Ricoh Way

The Spirit Of Three Loves

  • Mission Statement

    We are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability

  • Vision Statement

    To be the most trusted global company.

  • Values Statement

    - Customer-Centric: act from the customer’s perspective.

    - Passion: Approach everything positively and purposefully.

    - Gemba: Learn and improve from the facts.

    - Innovation: Break with the status quo to create value without limits.

    - Teamwork: Respect all stakeholders and co-create value.

    - Winning Spirit: Succeed by embracing challenges through courage and agility.

    - Ethnics and Integrity: Act with honesty and accountability.

  • The three loves

    Love your neighbour, love your country, love your work

    Our guiding principles were formed in 1946 by our founder Kiyoshi Ichimura. They reflect how and why we do business and our commitment to wellbeing in our families, staff, customers and the world we live in.

  • A better world

    Imagine a better world. At Ricoh, we work towards it everyday. Our vision to be a trusted global brand unites us to care for people, our work, our society and our planet.

    A better world is also about simplifying your life and work. Functional, efficient products and services don’t just build businesses, they make your everyday life easier.

  • How our values get us there
    Dedicating our winning spirit, innovation and teamwork to creating a better world for our customers means sharing knowledge generously, maintaining the highest ethical standards and a passionate pursuit of innovation. Our values keep us focused on our customers – adding value, continuously improving and innovating to make their day and exceed expectations.
  • Think global, act local
    Teamwork is key to a global brand with genuine local knowledge and engagement. We take the responsibility of representing the Ricoh brand seriously. Our Australian presence reflects our global values and capabilities, with a sharp focus on the entrepreneurial spirit of the businesses we serve.
  • Environment and sustainability
    Sustainable products and services and helping customers tread lightly helps drive our commitment to driving sustainability.
  • Corporate social responsibility
    Doing good in the world is part of the Ricoh Way.