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Frequently Asked Questions

Through the MSDS link on the Support page or via the Product Documentation section.

Paper misfeeds can be caused by the condition of the paper and how it is loaded. Paper should be stored in a dry, cool place and ensure you 'fan' the paper before loading.

You can also try printing from another tray. If this is successful, replace all paper in the problem tray with fresh paper from a new ream.

Be sure to check the correct paper size is set in the problem tray before you print by adjusting the three 'fences' in the paper tray so they are gently touching the sides of the paper.

An SC service code may be caused by something obstructing the finisher or stapling unit. Check there is nothing obstructing the trays (like a waste paper bin). Switch the power off, wait for ten seconds, then switch the power back on. If the problem still occurs, contact us for further assistance.