This update contains bug fixes and enhancements for Ricoh SP 325SFNw and SP 377SFNwX models. It addresses the Scan and FAX issue, which in rare cases, the intended FAX out document could be deleted, sending out previous stored fax document instead.

Therefore, to ensure maximum data security protection, we would like to encourage users to update their device with the latest firmware update.

Conditions that might trigger this issue:

  • Firmware version 1.16 or older
  • Device was set to ‘store received FAX’ in device memory without printing them out.
  • Device was set to ‘forward received FAX’ to a PC folder.
  • Network connection was disconnected while forwarding incoming FAX to PC folder.

Ricoh has released new firmware to fix a firmware bug of SP C250SF/ SP C252SF.

Users can download the latest firmware from Ricoh Download or Support webpage.

The firmware bug could possibly cause the following malfunction when using PC FAX to send document files directly from a PC to fax.


When sending multiple PC FAX documents continuously to different addresses:

* A page of document could be sent to a wrong address.

* The document is not sent to the correct address but no error report is generated.

This problem does not occur when documents are scanned for analog faxing. Although the occurrence rate is extremely low, please update the firmware to v1.0.6a or later version to ensure your information security of PC FAX.

If you have any enquiries, please contact your suppliers or local Ricoh Representative Office.

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