Manage your business more intelligently


• Maximize device uptime with Intelligent Support tools.

• Increase productivity with fewer interruptions.

• Simplify troubleshooting and managing your device.


Get easy access to service and support with intelligent tools for your Ricoh Device

Would you like an instant access to customer service and support? Yes you can, with RICOH Intelligent Support. It is a collection of intelligent tools, apps and services that help your business stay productive with continuous support.

Enjoy real-time remote service, automated updates, alerts and self-help tools that provide various options for troubleshooting your multifunction printer (MFP) or printer to continuously have a smooth and efficient print, scan, copy and fax processes.

Automated Device Updates and Alerts

Maximize MFP / Printer Uptime

Manage your MFP or printer with Automated Device Updates & Alerts with ease — these features include three functions that help you maintain your device and reduce downtime.

  • Low Toner Notifications
    Set it up to automatically alert you via email when toner levels drop to a specified amount, helping to ensure you always have enough toner to finish those critical and time-sensitive jobs.
  • Service Call Notifications
    Automatically send an email alert when your device experiences a technical issue. The service call notification also provides your service engineer with advanced information, helping to limit the time needed to service your machine.
  • Automatic Remote Firmware Update
    Automatically updates your device with the latest firmware, helping to optimize your machine for maximum efficiency.

What is Remote Connect Support?

RemoteConnect Support allows a customer support operator to remotely connect with a client’s MFP/Printer device via the Internet using the second -generation Smart Operation Panel. This function enables the support center to diagnose and resolve issues by real-time screen sharing, remote guidance and operation, thereby dramatically reducing the need for field engineer visits.



How to use RemoteConnect Support?

Step 1: Call your Ricoh Support Center.

Step 2: Let your service expert guide you through the connection process to generate your secure connection code — your code will appear on the panel.

Step 3: Give your service expert your one-time code to enable screen sharing.

Step 4: Let your service expert do the heavy lifting so you can get back to work quickly.