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RICOH Creative Collaboration for Personal Meeting

Improve your remote collaboration process

Remote workers can now meaningfully take part in online collaboration meetings with their colleagues in the office using RICOH Creative Collaboration for Personal Meeting.

The software provides a powerful cloud canvas, or remote interactive whiteboard, on a user’s laptop, mobile phone, or tablet to promote interaction and creativity in meetings.

Among the canvas features that allow employees working from home or remote office locations to collaborate effectively include creating pages, handwriting recognition, drawing pictures, inserting files, and moving objects.

Feature-rich and powerful

Organise documents, capture real-time discussion, and instantly share the recap. The powerful cloud canvas improves remote team collaboration with its rich features.

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  1. Collaborate from any device
    Meet and brainstorm effectively from a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet  
  2. Page management
    Create, duplicate, and delete pages
  3. Take it into your own hands
    Freely draw, edit, select, and move objects
  4. Object and text recognition
    Handwriting recognition tools turn your notes into digital content
  5. Insert files
    Insert presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, videos, and even web browsers on the canvas
  6. Capture and record
    Take screenshots and record meetings, including conversations, to keep track of discussions