Increase competitive edge with faster invoice issuance and easier administration

In business, "Time is Money" and with the constant efficiency war in the logistics and freight industry, we cannot waste time and resources with slow, outdated procedures to get on the road.

Here at Ricoh Philippines, we can help you providing new cost and time saving processes at the heart of your business and extend this to your customers through:

Better productivity and Collaboration
  • Digitization of paper records (waybills, freight, manifests, etc.)
  • Integration of document management capabilities with other business softwares
  • Improved ability to monitor and track supply chains (local and international)
Improved Security and Compliance
  • Restricted viewing of confidential documents
  • Compliance with diverse trade regulations (Domestic and Multinational)
  • Protection from cyber-threats
IT and Future Readiness
  • Offers flexible and user-friendly solutions (Invoice processing, Employee Management, Sales & Marketing, GDPR compliance) to your departments without added work to your IT Team
  • Increase savings on hardware and IT budget
  • Offers a fail-safe disaster recover plan

Our solutions can be integrated with your existing IT systems to help manage the growing volume of data and provide better access, control and collaboration. Also, with the implementation of these digital solutions can provide: reduced costly overheads, improved legislative compliance, and standardized procedures to drive customer and employee satisfaction.

Features and Benefits

Ricoh's Logistics services help you reduce costs and improve cash flow through digitization and centralization of all relevant business and logistics documents.

  1. Reduction of business costs

    No need for manual searching, matching and processing of Delivery, Proof of Delivery and Proof of Collection documents.

    Get instant access via an accurately indexed, centrally managed electronic repository which reduces administration costs and eliminates the need for expensive physical storage.

  2. Improves accuracy

    Centralised document management enables accurate indexing and audit trails.

    Check-in/ check-out version control is maintained.

    More efficient document matching means helpdesks can handle enquiries faster.

  3. Enhances cash flow
    Fast and systematic search and retrieval of key documentation hastens invoice generation and improves cash flow.
  4. Speeds up processes

    Boost business efficiency with real-time access to all documents

    Accelerate processing with fast, easy scanning and indexing of documents using a multifunctional device.

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Let Ricoh help you prepare for a dynamic logistics industry

  • Mobile
    Available on IOS and Android. Upload freight documentation and damage reports on-the-go.
  • User-Friendly
    Gives employees a fast start in their new digital process and long-term satisfaction using a product they can rely on.
  • Easy Integration
    Links to shipping software, ERP, CRM, or financial accounting, you can access the documents associated with your current.
  • Scalable
    We can cater from small to large enterprises as our solutions adapt to flex for business growth and changing needs.