Ricoh Philippines Volunteers Conduct Coastal Clean Up in Support of Global SDGs Action Month 2024

21 Jun 2024 Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park (LPPWP) June 21, 2024

On 21 June 2024, Ricoh Philippines (RPH) conducted a successful Coastal Clean-Up event in collaboration with the HARIBON Foundation. This initiative, part of Ricoh Global SDGs Action Month 2024, underscored RPH's commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

HARIBON Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources is a pioneering non-profit and non-governmental environmental conservation organisation. For over 50 years, it has been protecting and restoring the Philippines' natural resources. Its expertise and dedication played a crucial role in the event's success.

The clean-up took place at the Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park (LPPWP), an area that is notable for being the first protected area established in Metro Manila’s National Capital Region (NCR). 

Ricoh Philippines Volunteers Conduct Coastal Clean-Up in Support of Global SDGs Action Month 2024

RPH's 30 volunteers worked diligently, armed with gloves, rubbish sacks, tongs, and a shared commitment to making a difference. They collected and properly disposed of various types of waste, significantly reducing pollution and its impact on marine life and local habitats.

Hannah Castillo, PMSCM General Manager at RPH, expressed her pride in the team's efforts: “We are proud of our team for their enthusiastic participation in this important initiative. Environmental sustainability is a core value at Ricoh, and it’s inspiring to see our employees embody this principle by actively working to protect our natural surroundings.”

The event was not just a clean-up activity but also an educational opportunity. Volunteers learned about different types of waste, the impact of pollution on marine life, and the importance of sustainable practices. This educational aspect of the event is crucial in inspiring ongoing efforts to protect natural resources and promoting the importance of proper waste segregation.

One RPH volunteer, Kathrine Hernandez, shared her experience: “Volunteering in the coastal clean-up was incredibly rewarding. It was a great way to give back to the community and make a tangible difference. I was also able to learn more about the environmental challenges we face and how we can address them.” 

Ricoh Philippines Volunteers Conduct Coastal Clean-Up in Support of Global SDGs Action Month 2024

The impact of the event was substantial, with over 54 sacks of rubbish collected and numerous larger items removed from the shoreline. The collective efforts of Ricoh employees and other community volunteers have made a positive impact on the local ecosystem.

RPH extends its heartfelt thanks to all volunteers and partners, particularly the HARIBON Foundation, for their dedication and hard work. Together, significant strides have been made in preserving coastal areas and supporting global sustainability goals.