Document Management System

Working from Home has been on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At Ricoh, we have document management solutions that can help you reduce paper, archive data easily, improve invoice processing, get fast online approvals, enhance employee management programs, and push sales & marketing digitally. By automating these processes, you get to cut down costs. Work smarter, Work anywhere with Ricoh’s Document Management Solutions.

  • Reduce paper
    Reduce PaperRight document management system allows you to reduce paperwork. Rather than launching a manual paper-based process, this electronic document starts a digital workflow that’s far more efficient and cost-effective than a paper process.
  • Digital archiving
    Every organization needs a safe, secure home for critical business documents and protect it against litigation, leaks and loss. Our secure digital archiving will help your organization prepare for disaster and unforeseen catastrophe.
  • Invoice processing
    Achieve faster, more precise invoice processing. Eliminate manual keying in of information and associated errors. Reduce process cycle times by more than 70 percent. Eliminate duplicate payments.
  • Online approval
    Today’s organizations where workforce working remotely will extremely benefit on how easy and fast they can get forms approval which are digitally signed, and better manage workloads by user-defined approval process.
  • Employee management system
    HR Records Management better than ever. Provide instant access to employee files, automate personnel tasks and track decisions throughout the employee lifecycle. Automate all stages of recruitment and onboarding.
  • Digital sales and marketing
    Modernize sales with instant access to crucial information, real time collaboration, and process Sales Order anytime, anywhere. Our DMS provides maximum efficiency so you can attain full selling speed.

To help your business during this pandemic, we are offering you a FREE USAGE of Ricoh’s Document Management System.

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