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RICOH Cumo-nect Connector for EZ Charger Suite

Scan to and print documents from the cloud

Add RICOH EZ Charger Suite Cloud Connector to RICOH EZ Charger Suite if you’re looking to scan to and print documents from popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business.

The add-on, which is available on a subscription basis, provides you with seamless and easy easy access to your cloud storage folders directly from the MFP screen. The single sign on feature provides easy switching between the main RICOH EZ Charger Suite and Cloud Connector tabs. 

Open up the possibilities

Documents stored in the cloud needn’t exist in isolation any longer, thanks to RICOH Cumo-nect Connector for EZ Charger Suite.

The add-on gives you direct and secure access to your preferred cloud storage every time you use your Ricoh device.

Using the quota management features of RICOH EZ Charger Suite, you can then monitor and control MFP resources and the usage of each employee.


  1. Improve efficiency
    Scan to and print from cloud storage services directly on your Ricoh device
  2. Secure printing
    Authentication is required before print jobs are released
  3. Elegant simplicity
    Easily switch between RICOH EZ Charger Suite and Cumo-nect Connector tabs 
  4. Cost control
    Gain comprehensive insight into how your MFP resources are being used with advanced reports