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AI storage for every enterprise

Enterprises know the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to staying competitive and future-ready. AIspace is making AI accessible to every enterprise by using AI on something we all need—storage. 

AIspace applies numerous AI technologies like speech recognition, computer vision, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to digital assets such as documents, images, and video that already exist within your organisation. Its AI-infused storage allows you to index and search text documents, images, audio, and video according to the actual content inside the files instead of just by title and metadata. 

You can then easily discover all documents and files easily with the world's first Unified Search Engine that lets you search inside documents and images.

AIspace applies numerous A.I. like Speech Recognition, Computer Vision and OCR to digital assets (documents, images, media) that already exist within your organization, and making them discoverable with the World's First Unified Search Engine. 

    This allows you to quickly identify the main points of a document without the need to read the entire document. It extracts information about people, places, events, and much more mentioned in text documents. Imagine the time that you will save especially if your organization handle large volumes of documents everyday.
  2. IMAGE A.I.
    AIspace analyzes images and return results based on thousands of recognizable objects, living beings, scenery, and actions. In cases where tags may be ambiguous, our system provides “hints” to clarify the meaning of the tag. More importantly, it provides attempts to provide context to what the image is about and making your images instantly searchable!
  3. VIDEO A.I.
    Current search engines can only search for "Title" and "Metadata" of videos that is keyed manually. With Video AI, we are now able to index and search the content INSIDE the videos automatically. Thus, making your organization's media (audio and video) searchable without the need to manually apply metadata.
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