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RICOH Creative Collaboration for Display

Turn your display screens into a collaborative meeting space

RICOH Creative Collaboration for Display is a video conference and wireless projection solution for flat panel displays.

It enables users to join multiple video applications from a single platform, present content wirelessly on the display screen from any device, and increase meeting efficiency through Artificial Intelligence (AI)—all via a unified user interface regardless of the type of display panel you have.

Wireless presentation without hassles

Thanks to the software’s support for the standard Miracast, Google Cast, and AirPlay protocols, you can start sharing content wirelessly to a flat panel display without first having to install a specialised app.

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  1. Multi-platform video conferencing
    Join the most popular video conferencing platforms with just one tap
  2. Wireless presentation
    Share content from your device without messy cables and extra apps
  3. Useful launcher
    Launch applications on the display screen to be shared with other users
  4. Artificial Intelligence
    Passive monitoring of system health and helpful prompts for smooth meetings