RICOH Smart Integration

Discover true digital productivity

Just because a workflow is made to be digital doesn’t make it efficient. A manual digital process can end up having many “moving parts” and more touch points — creating chances for human error. At Ricoh, we accomplish true productivity with automation that is intelligent, repeatable and reliable — reducing the burden of manual data entry and manual file routing. Our easy‑to‑use workflow apps connect your RICOH MFP, and smart device to popular third‑party cloud services, so that important information becomes instantly accessible and ready to use and share.

  • Work securely with anyone
    • Create secure and private workspaces in seconds
    • Invite anyone inside or outside your organization to collaborate
    • Define specific access rights for each of your contacts and enable them to View, Download, Print and Share or limit them to view only content with digital watermark.
  • Collaborate on documents
    • Simply drag and drop documents into your digital workplace to make them available for anyone you have invited
    • Automatically notify your business contacts that documents have been published, modified or approved
    • Assign approval tasks to others and monitor completion in real time
    • Create discussion thread on documents and capture conversation.
  • Keep your data safe and secure

    Benefit from high end security features:

    • Encryption in Transit using HTTPS
    • Files & folders encryption at Rest with AES-256
    • 2FA Authentication
    • Dynamic watermark
    • External sharing: Password protection + Expiration policy
    • In-depth capabilities to log and track user activity, file history and compliance reports.
  • Document A.I.

    The AIspace Document AI capability allows you to quickly identify the main points of a document without the need to even read the document. You can use AIspace Document AI to extract information about people, places, events, and much more mentioned in text documents. Imagine the time that you will save especially if your organization handle large volumes of documents everyday.

  • Image A.I.

    AIspace Image AI engine analyzes images and return results based on thousands of recognizable objects, living beings, scenery, and actions. In cases where tags may be ambiguous or not common knowledge, our system provides “hints” to clarify the meaning of the tag in context of a known setting. More importantly, it provides attempts to provide context to what the image is about.

  • Video A.I.

    Current search engines can only search for "Title" and "Metadata" of videos that is keyed manually. With AIspace Video AI, we are now able to index and search the content INSIDE the videos automatically. Thus, making your organization's media (audio and video) searchable without needing you to manually apply metadata.

  • Reduce manual processes and data errors

    Instead of spending time entering disparate information and running the risk of potential errors, Automated Data Capture can reduce manual processes by recognising different types of documents. This enables the software to acquire the relevant information to submit properly structured data to supported cloud databases.

  • Turn unstructured data into useable information
    What if your data is unstructured? No problem. Automated Data Capture can also perform extraction of usable data from general data sets. With the ability to automatically turn unstructured data into usable information, you can capture the information you need without the burden of manual data entry.
  • Streamline data processing to your supported cloud database option
    Scan a document at the MFP or start with an electronic document. Once data is recognised and extracted, it is automatically classified and delivered to the appropriate supported cloud database or export file. Formats and database options include .csv, XML and Ricoh Dynamic Cloud Database. Data is secured during scanning, processing and delivery to its destination.
  • Enjoy an easy on-boarding process
    Automated Data Capture brings intelligence to your data process via software-as-a-service. The software is secured and rigorously maintained for you, so there’s no capital expenditure or complex IT issues to work through. Automatic version updates help ensure that you always have the latest tools and features — helping you realise true productivity without additional IT demands.
  • Reduce costs
    With RICOH OCR Lite application installed on Ricoh Multifunctional Products (MFPs), there is no need for expensive desktop OCR (optical character recognition) packages that are usually licenced for each workstation.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
    Improve your organisation’s workflow by eliminating slow, manual re-typing of documents. You can quickly scan and transform paper into editable electronic formats.
  • Time saving
    Significantly reduces time to edit paper documents, improve business workflow thus allowing employees to concentrate on core tasks. You can easily adjust image quality and send documents to your preferred destination directly from the control panel.
  • Simple integration
    Authenticate and sign-in with your RICOH cloud ID on Ricoh MFP, and your scanned documents are transformed in one easy step from the MFP’s panel. The document can be delivered directly to popular cloud services or by e-mail.

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