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RICOH Creative Collaboration for Interactive Whiteboard

All-in-one collaborative meeting software

Meetings are an integral part of modern-day corporate life, where collaboration, commitment, and productivity are key elements to an effective meeting.

RICOH Creative Collaboration for Interactive Whiteboard aims to improve the collaboration experience for next generation meetings in a world where remote working is on the rise.

It’s an all-in-one solution that provides multi-platform video conferencing, wireless content presentation, a powerful remote whiteboard canvas, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a supported RICOH Interactive Whiteboard or Collaboration Board.

From start to finish

The software covers your entire journey during a meeting—including managing the calendar of a meeting room, providing the advanced collaboration functions to promote collaboration in a meeting, and executing an ‘end of meeting’ sequence to reset the IWB for the next user.

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  1. Multi-platform video conferencing
    Support for the most popular video conferencing platforms  
  2. Wireless presentation
    Easy content sharing from your device without messy cables and extra apps
  3. Versatile app launcher
    Launch any Windows 10 application on the IWB screen, including a web browser
  4. Powerful canvas
    All the advanced features you need for creative and interactive collaboration
  5. Artificial Intelligence
    Passive monitoring of system health and helpful prompts for smooth meetings