Vertical Gardening at RPH promotes sustainability and employee well-being

03 Jul 2023
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Ricoh Philippines (RPH) is showcasing its commitment to environmental sustainability and employee well-being by organising several activities for Global SDGs Action Month 2023.

The company said it is excited to bring back in-person environmental activities after the pandemic and is aiming to foster a sense community with the activities, which include a Vertical Gardening initiative, trail walk at Masungi Georeserve, green environment workstation (for office-based employees), and “Green Day Fridays.”

Vertical vegetable gardening  

The Vertical Gardening project, organised by employees at the RPH warehouse, utilised waste toner bottles to create a thriving green space within the warehouse premises. The activity not only contributes to a greener workplace but also builds a sense of community and teamwork among the employees.

RPH promotes sustainability with vertical gardeningRPH warehouse employees utilised discarded waste toner bottles for the Vertical Gardening project.

The decision to implement vertical gardening at the warehouse stems from the success of the Clean-Up Project conducted in the previous fiscal year. 

The initiative aims to build upon the progress made during the clean-up, offering a new beginning and continuous growth for the dedicated individuals who worked tirelessly during the project. 

By planting vegetables in the designated area, each employee symbolically adopts a plant, which instills a sense of ownership and responsibility among the employees, as they actively participate in nurturing and maintaining the garden.

Vertical gardening is a sustainable and space-efficient approach that involves growing plants vertically on structures such as walls or specially designed containers. By utilising waste supply toner bottles, RPH warehouse staff not only repurposes discarded materials but also promotes recycling and waste reduction within the organisation. 

This gardening method allows for the cultivation of fresh produce, even in limited spaces, thereby encouraging healthier food choices among the employees.

The Vertical Gardening project provides several benefits beyond environmental sustainability. Creating a green space within the warehouse environment enhances the overall aesthetics and contributes to a healthier work atmosphere. 

Studies have shown that exposure to plants and nature in the workplace can improve employee well-being, reduce stress levels, and boost productivity.  

Furthermore, by engaging in a collective effort to create a sustainable and thriving garden, the participants build stronger relationships and develop a shared sense of purpose. 

RPH promotes sustainability with vertical gardeningOrly S. Closa, Customer Service General Manager (left) and Hannah F. Castillo, PMSCM General Manager (right) at the Vertical Gardening wall at the RPH warehouse.

Through initiatives like Vertical Gardening, RPH wants to set an example for other organisations to follow, highlighting the importance of incorporating eco-friendly practices and creating a positive work environment—not just for Global SDGs Action Month but beyond. 

As RPH transforms into a digital services provider, the company is also reaffirming its commitment to SDGs and ESG actions and will be making them central to all locally-initiated projects and activities related to process automation and document management.  

“With the mindset of understanding our customers’ needs, it is important that the company actively participates and contributes to society through ESG activities,” said Hannah Castillo, PMSCM General Manager at RPH.