RICOH Always Current Technology

Update your Ricoh Multi-Function Devices by downloading the latest features to help you optimise your document management workflows.

Smart Copy V1.2 Update

1  Insert Cover

User can insert cover paper before the first page or after the last page.


2  Insert Designate/Chapter

- Designate: Can copy the specified pages to the chapter separation paper.
- Chapter: Can always copy each specified page to the front side.


3  Colour Overlay

User can apply an overlay colour.


4  Convert Colour

User can select colours for conversion.


5  Interrupt mode

An Interrupt button has been added to the Smart Copy app. The Interrupt button temporarily pauses the job in progress, allowing an urgent copy to made of another document.


6  Booklet/Magazine settings

A wizard is used to select the appropriate binding settings, and insert and copy onto a cover sheet, if required.


Smart Copy V1.1 Update

1  Reserve (Job Preset)

User can preset the next copy job during copying, and the next job will start automatically when the current job is completed.


2   Repeat

The original image is copied repeatedly. The number of repeated images depends on the original size, paper size, and reproduction ratio.



3   Positive / Negative

User can copy by inverting an image based on the original brightness when copying


4   Mirror image

User can copy by reversing the image from left to right, as reflected in a mirror.


5   Slip sheet

User can insert a sheet of paper at the turn of a page when copying an original comprising multiple pages at one time.



RICOH Always Current Technology features availability are subjected to different regions and countries.

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