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Open Bee™

Equip yourself with a high-performance and intuitive solution to optimise your information use

With centralisation of information, simple and fast access, secure sharing, and more, Open Bee solutions enable you to organise filing, searching and sharing of all types of files with all of your colleagues and partners.

  • Instant document searches
  • Centralisation of all company information
  • Enhanced security and confidentiality
  • Reduction of document management related cost

Collaborate on files securely with anyone on any device

Is your organisation well prepared to beat these cyber risks? Are you well protected against illegitimate access to corporate data, intellectual property theft and lack of confidentiality regarding sensitive documents? Take advantage of Open Bee to create private workspaces in seconds and collaborate securely with anyone inside or outside of your organisation.

  1. Keep your data safe and secure
    File your information in a single space in a structured way. Ensure the confidentiality of your information thanks to secure management of your files, with passwords and encryption.
  2. Access your information simpler and faster
    Find any document in a matter of seconds thanks to the integrated search engine. Access your documents in a universal manner via your computer or mobile devices no matter where you are.
  3. Share information for more added value
    Organise the sharing of information with your employees in a fully transparent way with confidentiality rules. Share a multitude of documents with external contacts, without needing to compress them and in a totally secure way.
  4. Work securely with anyone
    Create secure and private workspaces in seconds. Define specific access rights for each user and enable them to View, Download, Print and Share or limit them to view only content with digital watermark.