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PrintShop Mail Connect

Ramp up marketing campaigns with personalised promotional mailing

Deliver printed and online collateral that’s tailored to each customer. PrintShop Mail Connect simplifies variable data printing by removing duplication and producing multi channel campaigns more quickly.

  • Reduce costs by improving print capabilities
  • Design print and email layouts from the same tool
  • Improve document consistency
  • Simplify data use and integration

Cohesive online and offline marketing campaigns

Simplify the production of marketing campaigns with one standalone solution. Design both printed material and emails in one program to eliminate duplication. Map data from multiple sources for one unified model, and then use it across multiple designs. One interface builds all your business communications.

  1. Personalised
    Personalise multiple aspects of email and printed mailers
  2. Database friendly
    Works with any database format
  3. Streamlined production
    Optimises output for fast and reliable printing
  4. Simple use
    The easier way to produce mail merges for high impact campaigns