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Ricoh Ri 6000 Direct to Garment printer

  • Prints in 27 seconds or less
  • Six printheads
  • Supports white ink
  • Easy maintenance

Direct to garment printer (DTG) designed to meet the needs of established garment‑printing businesses

Expand your services to quickly and profitably produce T‑shirts and other popular apparel, along with high‑value promotional items, with the Ri 6000 Direct to Garment (DTG) Printer. Create photo‑quality output with water‑based inks and user‑friendly controls.

Produce superior quality results in seconds

With the Ri 6000 you have a DTG printer ready to streamline apparel printing and satisfy more customers. The Ri 6000 offers outstanding image quality, high‑quality inks, and automatic maintenance and cleaning features designed to deliver superior results every time.


Garment print
2.0 GHz
Memory - standard
2 GB
Operation panel
7" touch screen display
Device configuration
Physical dimensions (WxDxH)—mainframe
1,118 x 1,119 x 503 mm—mainframe, operating (platen is out); 1,118 x 1,074 x 503 mm—mainframe, non-operating (platen is in)
Physical dimensions (WxDxH)—other

110 x 140 x 150 mm—waste ink tank

Cartridge dimensions—Excluding projection area of 4.2 mm
Standard—278 x 25 x 100 mm
XL—385 x 25 x 100 mm

81.6 kg or less
0.9 kg—sleeve print table
1.8 kg—youth size print table
1.5 kg—hat platen
Average monthly volume
750 prints
Max monthly volume
5,000 prints
Machine life
180,000 prints or 5 years whichever comes first—average 3 years
Duty cycle
15,000 prints per month

CMYK + White—90 seconds
CMYK—80 seconds
White—90 seconds

Ink filling
CMYK + White, Short—100 seconds
CMYK + White, Long—170 seconds
CMYK, Short—90 seconds
CMYK, Long—110 seconds
White, Short—100 seconds
White, Long—170 seconds

Ink circulation
Depends on user preference

Supply yields

Ink cartridge yield
Ricoh garment ink Type A—cyan, magenta, yellow, black
600 prints—Standard
1,200 prints—XL

Ink cartridge —white (PowerBright only)
75 prints—Standard
150 prints—XL

Ink capacity
Ricoh garment ink Type A—cyan, magenta, yellow, black

220 ml—Standard
440 ml—XL

PowerBright Plus—cyan, magenta, yellow, black
220 ml—Standard
440 ml—XL

220 ml—Standard
440 ml—XL

Cleaning solution—clear
228 ml—Standard

High Viscosity storage solution—clear
228 ml—Standard

Note: The inks meet pollution and safety chemical toxicity standards, are harmless to human beings and animals, are compliant with environmental laws of the country in which they are used, and are listed in the existing chemical substances register.

Garment handling

Cotton, 50/50 cotton blend


Sleeve, Hat, Youth size

Garment size (W x H)
T-shirt—standard platen
US size
600 x 790 mm—XL
560 x 780 mm—L
520 x 700 mm—M
460 x 670 mm—S
450 x 620 mm—Kids (L)
430 x 580 mm—Kids (M)
380 x 520 mm—Kids (S)

Japan size
580 x 780 mm—XL
550 x 740 mm—L
520 x 700 mm—M
490 x 660 mm—S

Kids size
460 x 630 mm—160cm
400 x 560 mm—140cm
350 x 480 mm—120cm
330 x 440 mm—100cm, youth size platen

Tote bag—standard platen
300–480 x 300–400 mm—L
230–360 x 230–370 mm—M
150–300 x 150–200 mm—S

Towel—standard platen
750 x 1,400 mm—Bath (L)
500 x 1,000 mm—Bath (S)
350 x 1,000 mm—Face (L)
250 x 750 mm—Face (S)
300 x 340 mm—Hand

Handkerchief—standard platen
450 x 450 mm—Men's

Youth size platen
250 x 250 mm—Women's
200 x 200 mm—Mini

Scarf—standard platen
660 x 660 mm—US (L)
530 x 530 mm—Japan (M)

Cushion cover—standard platen
400 x 400 mm—Regular

Bib—youth size platen
200 x 220 mm—M
140 x 180 mm—S

Pouch—youth size platen
300 x 350 mm—L
250 x 300 mm—M
200 x 250 mm—S

Garment transfer stage
Fixed—Picture frame
Print side—Upward
Options—on platen change 

Maximum garment size
Standard platen—14 x 18 inches
Sleeve platen—4 x 17 inches
Hat platen—6 x 1.5 inches
Youth size platen—8.5 x 12 inches

Maximum garment thickness
58.4 mm—automatic adjustment
68.5 mm—manual adjustment

T-shirt, tote bag, sweat shirt, polo shirt, hat, towel, handkerchief, bib

Applicable weight
1.36 kg

Table height adjustment

Note: Depending on the need, the height can be adjusted manually as well. 

Garment thickness detection
Laser class—Class 2
Arrangement range—3.3–3.8 mm, distance from nozzle to upper side of platen

Interfaces - standard

Windows PC

System configuration
1 to 1 connection with host
1 to 1 connection via USB port

Print speed colour

Full-colour 12 x 10-inch graphic
White ink pass

85.4 seconds—CMYK Superfine/White fine
99.23 seconds—CMYK Fine/White fine
95.66 seconds—CMYK Speed/White fine
99.66 seconds—CMYK Draft/White fine

CMYK ink pass
102.17 seconds—CMYK Superfine
52.58 seconds—CMYK Fine
26.93 seconds—CMYK Speed
15.24 seconds—CMYK Draft
105.59 seconds—CMYK Superfine/White fine
52.24 seconds—CMYK Fine/White fine
30.77 seconds—CMYK Speed/White fine
15.31 seconds—CMYK Draft/White fine

Note: The device takes less than 10 seconds initially to discharge ink after pressing the start button.

Printing technology
Ink type
Water-based garment ink
6 printheads
Print resolution
Draft Mode—600 x 300 dpi
Speed, Fine, Superfine Mode—600 x 600 dpi
Maximum printable area
14 x 18 inches—standard platen
Other print features
Print completion notification, Dedicated operator
Power source
110–240 V (±10%), 1.2 A, 50/60 Hz (±3Hz)
Power consumption
95 W or less—operating mode
Warm-up time

45 seconds or less 

Note: Under recommended conditions that power is on every day except for automatic maintenance mode and that the device is switched on every time.

Environmental standards
Waste batteries and accumulators repealing directive
European parliament and council directive 94/62/EC
Safety standards
Directive 89/336/EEC
AUS/NZ EMC standards (C-Tick/RCM mark)
Korea EMC regulation (KC mark)
Operating environment

15–32º C

-30–43º C

45–80% RH

15–80% RH

Maximum wet-bulb temperature
25º C

Temperature gradient
Less than 20º C per hour

No vibration

Impact tolerance
Horizontal—speed of 0.5 m/s against wall
Vertical—drop from 5 cm height

2,000 lux or less

Note: Can withstand natural light of 5,000 lux or less if the device is placed near window.

Atmospheric pressure
740 hPa or more

Maximum altitude
2,500 m

Static electricity
±4 KV—contact discharge
±8 KV—air discharge

Power on duration

720 hours per month (24 hours per day x 30 days per month)

Note: Under condition that the device is always switched on for 5 years.