Why Choose a Content and Collaboration Solution?

January 04, 2023
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Why Choose a Content and Collaboration Solution ebook mockup

Why Choose a Content and Collaboration Solution?

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72% of IT decision-makers said that digital document processes allow their organisations to better maintain business continuity despite unforeseen circumstances.
Forrester, 2020


The way we work has changed. For businesses, this means looking at ways to make data secure and readily available for employees, whenever and wherever they need it.

To work efficiently, employees need easy access to documents and enhanced workflows—and this requires multiple solutions. The challenge here is that stacking multiple systems can create inefficiencies. What you need is an integrated approach that marries data, documents, and workflows. In short, a Content and Collaboration solution is the answer.

The Added Value of a Content and Collaboration Solution

Digital document and workflow solutions are one of the key enabling technologies that allow businesses to operate effectively in this new era. But their benefits go far beyond keeping employees connected, engaged, and productive.

These solutions allow companies to streamline operations to stay competitive and save costs. As such, many forward-thinking companies embraced them even before they became a necessity.

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Top 10 Benefits of Content and Collaboration Solutions

Businesses that are implementing Content and Collaboration solutions today are enjoying benefits such as:

  1. The ability to deliver better customer service

    Digital documents, access to data, and automated workflows can help reduce the friction from wait times, call-backs, or missing documentation and, ultimately, elevate the quality of your customer service.
  2. Getting more done, faster

    Digital documents and automated workflows move at the speed of a click or a tap. More than just eliminating paperwork, each step of your work process can be automated to save time and reduce workloads.
  3. Empowering remote work

    With digital documents and workflows, your business can continue to operate beyond the physical office, providing you with the resiliency and flexibility to adapt to change.
  4. Lower document storage costs

    Storing paper comes at a cost. If you choose a cloud-based application, you do not need any onsite infrastructure, thereby reducing traditional document storage costs.
  5. Increased document security

    The degree of security varies from system to system. Business-level solutions, such as SharePoint Online, Laserfiche, and DocuWare, come with robust security features.
  6. Greater document accessibility

    A Content and Collaboration solution makes documents readily available while keeping them secure. More people can access the document but only when they have authorised access.
  7. Scalability and integration

    Content and Collaboration solutions integrate with other tools you use daily, offering scalability to businesses to support growth and changing business needs.
  8. Support for business continuity

    From easy cloud-based backups and fast data-recovery times to facilitating remote work, digital documents and workflow solutions can help make your business resilient.
  9. Better informed decision-making

    Integrations with other applications introduce opportunities to turn the data in your documents into advanced business intelligence. This helps you stay informed to make better and more timely decisions.
  10. More engaged employees

    Centralised storage and automated workflows ensure employees have quick and easy access to the information they need while also making collaboration easier.

Which Content and Collaboration Solution Is Right for You?

You have a lot of options when it comes to Content and Collaboration solutions. Free-to-use options can meet short-term needs but may require extra effort due to a lack of integration with other systems. On the other hand, premium integrated systems can be costly.

When evaluating systems, here are some questions to consider:

  • What is the primary need to be addressed?
  • Does it add or reduce steps to a process?
  • Are you getting the security that you need?
  • Will the system organise and integrate your documents, or create siloes?
  • What kind of workflows does it offer?
  • Will it deliver value within your favoured cost structure?

Of course, you may have more questions and considerations that are specific to your business. However, these questions serve as a solid general guide.


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