M 2701

M 2701

The M 2701 comes with improved functionalities that make it more productive, convenient to connect, and easier to maintain compared with its predecessor. 

Among the notable features are a faster 27 ppm print speed, 512 MB memory, and a 500-sheet standard paper tray, which enable this MFP to handle larger and more complex print jobs in a shorter amount of time.

In terms of connectivity, the M 2701 comes with Gigabit Ethernet as standard, while wireless LAN is available as an option. It is also mobile printing-friendly thanks to AirPrint and Mopria® support. 

The M 2701 also comes with various specification improvements, such as a duty cycle of 60,000 pages and electronic sorting, to make it more attractive for tender bids. 

Bypass Tray Cover Type M16
Protects paper in the bypass tray in dusty environments.
417383 Bypass tray cover Type M16
Paper Feed Unit PB2030

Optional 1-tray paper feed unit that increases the paper capacity of the device. 

Capacity: 500 sheets
Paper size: B5–A3
Paper weight: 60–105 g/m2
Dimensions (W x D x H): 587 x 556.2 x 140 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Power consumption: 18 W or less

Cannot be installed with Paper Feed Unit PB2040
418123 Paper Feed Unit PB2030
Paper Feed Unit PB2040

Optional 2-tray paper feed unit that increases the paper capacity of the device. 

Capacity: 1,000 (2 x 500) sheets
Paper size: B5–A3
Paper weight: 60–105 g/m2
Dimensions (W x D x H): 587 x 556.2 x 340.6 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Power consumption: 36 W or less

Cannot be installed with Paper Feed Unit PB2030
418124 Paper Feed Unit PB2040
ADF Handle Type C
Assists seated users or users with arm injuries to open and close an automatic document feeder.
IEEE 802.11 Interface Unit Type P16
Enables WiFi connectivity and wireless printing.

Standard inclusions

  • 50-sheet ARDF
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Mobile printing
  • 500-sheet paper input tray
  • 100-sheet bypass tray
  • Gigabit Ethernet

Current configuration

M 2701
587 mm x 581 mm x 639 mm (W x D x H)
39 kg
Selected Options:
    M 2701

    {"configuratorid":"d310cd61-7aa7-4780-8c40-d355caf71602","productid":"ab8c42ad-bb37-4285-acc1-f74fcb4d0209","edpcode":"418120","productdisplayname":"M 2701","width":587.0,"height":639.0,"depth":581.0,"weight":39.0,"mainframe_imageurl":"-/media/all-regional/images/product-images/office-solutions/printers-and-copiers/mfp-black-and-white/im-2700-and-im-2701/configurator/mainframe-m2701_logo.png?dmc=0&hash=75A094612278D819A7D04C4D8EA22D8A","configurator_hash":"a4934ba7-355d-4965-857c-bb68811204e5","options":{"417383":{"edpcode":"417383","displayname":"Bypass Tray Cover Type M16","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":true,"hide_until_required":false},"418123":{"edpcode":"418123","displayname":"Paper Feed Unit PB2030","extras":[],"width":587.0,"height":140.0,"depth":556.2,"weight":12.0,"show_image":true,"hide_until_required":false},"418124":{"edpcode":"418124","displayname":"Paper Feed Unit PB2040","extras":[],"width":587.0,"height":340.6,"depth":556.2,"weight":30.0,"show_image":true,"hide_until_required":false},"416213":{"edpcode":"416213","displayname":"ADF Handle Type C","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false},"408299":{"edpcode":"408299","displayname":"IEEE 802.11 Interface Unit Type P16","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false}},"rules":[{"condition":{"condition_name":"TrueCondition","trigger_options":["418123"]},"actions":[{"action_name":"ExcludeOptionAction","affect_to_options":["418124"],"should_validate_after_excute":false,"excludes":["418124"]}]},{"condition":{"condition_name":"TrueCondition","trigger_options":["418124"]},"actions":[{"action_name":"ExcludeOptionAction","affect_to_options":["418123"],"should_validate_after_excute":false,"excludes":["418123"]}]}],"affect_group":[["417383"],["418123","418124"],["416213"],["408299"]],"preselect_configs":{},"min_config":{"must_select_at_least_one_option":false,"requires":[],"requireones":[]}}