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Apps for enhanced convenience and productivity


With the RICOH EZ Plus, you can now streamline and improve work processes, enhancing workplace productivity, agility and engagement. It comes with a wide range of 13 apps categorized into 3 packs; the Starter Pack, General Pack and Education Pack.

The user-friendly RICOH EZ Plus empowers you to have an edge to your day-to-day workflows, carrying out duties more effortlessly.



Mask out any sensitive information on scanned documents.

Receipt Scan

Scan multiple receipts and sort them easily before send out.

Copy Clone

Duplicate original documents up to 8 copies.

Image Divider

Scan multiple documents and auto separate individually at one go.

Logo Add

Insert logos onto any scan and copy documents.

Letter Creator

Create decorative letters with ready templates quickly.

Banner Print

Customize text banners with A4 sheets for convenient carrying.

Number Tag

Design number tags with auto-numbering and logo insertion features.


Create practice papers by removing original document text colours.

Book Cover Maker

Customize your book cover the way you want.

Picture Colouring

Retain image lines and create your colouring paper.

Single Colour Removal

Remove specific colours from documents.

Keyword Shortcut

Create simple statements for quick print.


*For more information, please contact your local sales representative.