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Ricoh (Philippines) Inc. Certified to the GREEN CHOICE PHILIPPINES Eco-label


Ricoh is globally-known for its Environmental Advocacy, thus, attaining the Green Label award is one of the goal in the South East Asia and Oceania Sales Subsidiaries.


It was last year when RPH started processing the requirements for Green Choice Philippines. At first, it wasn’t easy to gather all the necessary and required reports. Ricoh Japan (RCL) and Ricoh Asia Pacific (RA) has continuous communication as to the necessary reports to be submitted to the agency.


First Stage is crucial for documents gathering and submission to the agency. The Technical Evaluation Committee has scrutinized all the submitted documents and has required further site visit and product testing prior proceeding to recommendation for approval of the ELP Board.


Luckily, we are the first in the industry to get this award. Ricoh Philippines bagged the certification, initially for the KirC3 family covering the product model MP2000Le, MP1900 & MP1600. The company will soon venture into the other product family.


Along the journey, it is a goal to attain that all Ricoh product models shall carry the Green Choice Philippine’s Green Label seal. Kudos Ricoh Philippines!